PEREKA 2020 is a showcase program whereby activities and innovation development are displayed for the sharing of information between the University communities and society.

For the first time this year the competition is opened for school, public and other institutional participation at local and international level.

In line with the importance of research and innovation development activities as one from the core and function of the university, PEREKA 2020 focuses on the following objectives:

To instill and nurture innovative research and development among the UMS and the external community.

To encourage exploration of new ideas in universities that can be transferred to society and industry, having commercial value and potential technology to be developed at national and international levels.

To provide a platform for the exchange and sharing of new ideas among researchers with the community and industry in increasing the innovation outcomes that lead to the commercialization according to the industry needs.

To increase interest and provide platform to pursue STEM knowledge among school students.

Participation Information

  1. Participation of PEREKA 2020 competition is open to academics, students and administrators of UMS, secondary school students, grassroots researchers (entrepreneurs and local industries) and public/private institutions (local and international).
  2. For students’ participation, the name of the project leader (first nominee) must be the name of the supervisor.
  3. The invention/innovation must be a NEW innovation and not the same as the previous entry. (Adding new features from past products is allowed and must be SIGNIFICANT).
  4. Inventions/innovations must be prepared in the form of posters and prototyping or products that can be displayed. Other materials may be accompanied by commercial samples, factory production items, models, plans, paintings or materials suitable and not exceeding the space provided.
  5. For physical participation the participant is required to be at the exhibition hall at all times especially on the assessment day. Failure to comply with the rules may result in the rejection of entries.
  6. For online participation SOP for entry will be provided.
  7. The decision of the Panel of Judges is final. No complaints will be entertained.
  8. Participants must complete the REGISTRATION FORM according to the FIELD CLASSIFICATION contested.

Classification of Field

  • Transportation and Mobility
  • Digital Learning
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Teaching and Learning
  • IR 4.0
  • Creative Industry
  • Future Food
  • Economics Competitiveness

General Innovation Category

  • Participation is open to all academics, administrative staff and students of UMS, public and private institutions at local and International level.
  • The number of entries is open.
  • Entry fees:
    • Online participation – RM200.00/entry
    • Physical participation – RM400.00/entry
    • International Participation – USD100.00/entry (Online only)

Sabah School Student Innovation Category

  • Participation is open to students of primary and secondary school from Sabah.
  • Participation is limited to 40 entries only.
  • Entry fees:
    • Online participation – RM200.00/entry
    • Physical participation – RM400.00/entry

Sabah Grassroots Innovation Category  

  • Participation is open to the public and local entrepreneurs having innovative and potential products for commercialisation.  
  • Number of entries is open.
  • Entry fees:
    • Online participation – RM200.00/entry
    • Physical participation RM400.00/entry


(new, original, creative, unique, IP)
Criterion 2 USEFULNESS
(solving problem and contribution to industry)
(market spread, affordability, product market life span)
(able to demonstrate knowledge, functionality and product readiness)


Please make online payment here.
Proof of payment can be uploaded in the “My Account” page or send by email to the secretariat.

Further info, kindly contact the secretariat.

VIDEO and POSTER Submission

The video must be uploaded on Youtube (must be set as Public or “Unlisted” or view) and provide the link in the “My Account” page or by email to the secretariat.
The duration of the video MUST BE WITHIN FOUR (4) to EIGHT (8) minutes ONLY.
Submission of POSTER in PDF format is compulsory to all participants.

A. Due date for Video and Poster submission: 20 November 2020 (General Category).

B. Due date for Video and Poster submission: 10 January 2021 (Grassroot and School Categories).


Terms and Conditions
Guideline for Participants
Video and Poster Guidelines

Contact the Secretariat at

Mdm Jane Edwin Ading
Tel: 088-320000 ext. 100012,

Miss Nooraini Abdul Ghaib
Tel: 088-320000 ext. 120630,

Mdm Marliana John
Tel: 088-320000 ext. 101861,