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EXCOCIPTA (Expo Kecemerlangan Rekacipta UMS) is an annual event to promote invention and innovation of research output development, involving UMS, local and international communities. It is a platform to strengthen and provide opportunity to researchers through training method, workshop and netwroking and linkages with the stakeholders.

The main aim of EXCOCIPTA is to drive and stregnthen quaruple helix innovation in which each innovation is beneficial to the government, academia, industry and communities.

EXCOCIPTA 2020 comprises of three main events:
A) PEREKA – Pertandingan Rekacipta 2020
B) KONCEPP – Konvensyen Penyelidikan, Penerbitan dan Pengkomersilan 2020
C) APUMS – Anugerah Penyelidik UMS 2019